Ancient Harvest Pasta - Supergrain - Green Lentil and Quinoa Penne - Gluten Free - 8 oz - case of 6

Ancient Harvest

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SKU: 1702158

Power to Your Pasta Introducing new protein-powered varieties of Ancient Harvest Supergrain Pasta made with a hearty blend of quinoa and beans or lentils. These naturally nutritious noodles tout the taste and texture of traditional pasta, but with 2X the protein and a healthy helping of fiber in every serving. Get More From Your Pasta Looking for a little more protein in your pasta? Well, you�re in for a treat with our Green Lentil & Quinoa Supergrain Pasta Penne. Every pumped-up serving boasts an impressive 14g of protein and 7g of fiber, so now your noodles can be the most nutritious things on your gluten-free plate.


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